Hmm, not really sure how to kick this off. Let’s liven it up a bit… how about some Q&A from an Imaginary Reader? (maybe that’ll get the creative juices flowing…)

IR: Tell me a little bit about yourself.

I’m nearly thirty and have a wife and kid. I refer to myself as Mr. FIRE Travels on the site and my two partners in crime go by Mrs. FIRE Travels and FTJr, respectively. We also have a dog that goes most of the places we do. Her name is FIRE Dog (and while that sounds like a cool superhero doggy name, alas, her only superpower is sleeping 20 hours a day).

IR: Top three topics you write about? Why those?

Check ’em out below. I was just going to list them out, but each one really deserves it’s own explanation. There’s thousands of sub-topics one could write about for each one, so this will give you a better idea of my take on them.


We just love it! We’ve been to Europe a couple of times now, but our main getaways involve taking road trips in the US. We’re also 5 – 7 hours away from each of our parents and extended families right now, so the car feels like a second home to us anyways!

It’s also worth mentioning that my wife and I currently work remotely, so if I had a fourth topic to add… it would be Digital Nomad(ish). I don’t know if we’ll ever be completely on the road, but we do try to take advantage of what I call “working vacations”.

Early Retirement

Before discovering FIRE, Mrs. FIRE Travels and I had always been good (not great) about savings. We never spent more than we earned, but that’s about it. We never really tracked spending or tried to invest any extra cash we had.

That changed when I was laid off in July 2013. All of a sudden, our income was reduce to less than half. While we were still in a good place because of my wife’s job, we suddenly realized that something would have to change in the interim.

I took the free time that I had and started looking into ways to save money. We started cooking more meals at home rather than eat out. Extra payments we were making on the mortgage and the car loan we had were stopped. A trip to Starbucks truly became a luxury.

The adjustment was hard at first, but the lower level of spending was easy to get used to after a few months. By then I was hooked. I found Mr. Money Mustache and thus began the journey you’re reading about today.


We just have the one for now, but we’re definitely hoping for a second one in our future. After that we’re not really sure, but we’re both partial to the idea of fostering/adopting if our finances allow for it.

As for the one we currently have, he’s such a big part of our lives that it only makes sense to include him, especially because his presence makes traveling and reaching financial independence that much harder. We’re only a few months in with him, so we’ll be seeing if that’s true soon enough!

I know we’re not the only crazy ones trying this with little humans, so I’m looking forward to connecting with parents in the same situation.

IR: What do you hope to accomplish by blogging?

That’s a great question and honestly, I’m not too sure. For starters, here’s a couple things I know:

  1. I love reading.
  2. I love learning new things.
  3. I love writing as well and haven’t made nearly enough time for it.
  4. The thought of working 40 hours a week in front of a 27-inch computer screen for 30 more years terrifies me.

That said, here’s what I’m hoping striving for:

  1. Document what I’m going through. I’ve always been envious of people who manage to keep a daily journal. I’ve tried, but I’d rather share my thoughts with other like-minded people. Which means that I also want to…
  2. Help other people out. Maybe they just need to hear someone complain about the same thing they’re tired of. Maybe a small tip I come up with from traveling with a 3-month old saves a parent two hours of screaming. It doesn’t have to be much – I just want to do some good for someone.
  3. Have the blog make some money. I’m definitely not counting on it being much, but a little additional income never hurt. If it ends up being a lot, then even better!
  4. Open me up to new experiences. I’ve bolded it because this is the biggie for me. I’ve never minded being the guinea pig, so maybe I’ll try something new for the sake of writing about it and BAM, now I have a wonderful (or horrible) new memory. Either way, it means that I made life less boring for myself and family. I’ll take that any day.

Alright, so to sum up: have one child, we love to travel, and we’re actively pursuing financial independence. Those are the three big subjects I’ll be exploring with this blog. Most of the time I’ll do that via documenting our life, but who knows? Maybe I’ll be inspired and wax poetic over thoughts near and dear to my heart.

Either way, I hope you join me for the journey!

Mr. FIRE Travels